Wheeler Reflector Company 1960s Street Lighting Fixture.

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted May 19, 2017

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Same picture as previous, sorry! But here is some more cool info about these lights!

These operated at 120V and were an economical option for those utilities wanting to get rid of their antiquated street series systems. Many of the latter around here were still in service through the 1960s. Owing to their age, wear, exposure to the harsh New England environment, etc., these high-voltage lighting systems of prior decades were becoming quite dangerous and expensive to maintain. Simple incandescent street lights like the one shown here (which is very rare) provided similar illumination as the predecessor series lights and they had their own individual photoelectric lighting controls...opposed to being group operated from a high voltage street series regulator. This was a new addition to Repunzel's (LOL) vintage street light collection from a mini-swap meet I had here today.