This Week's Flea Finds

By Chris Cotnoir; posted May 14, 2017

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Not insulators, but insulator-related. I visted a couple of flea markets and yard sales this week, and while it was pretty light for insulators per se, the go-with hunting was VERY productive.

On the left is a mint light aqua WATER bottle with HEMINGRAY embossed on the base, and PAT APR 5 1932 embossed at the bottom of the front. This was a patent for the wishing well bottle design, as shown here: Is this a late date for a "Hemingray" marking?

On the right is a minty light blue (is it Lyndeboro Blue?) demijohn with an applied screw top finish embossed with Samuel Oakman's Feb. 27, 1877 patent date. The patent info is shown here: Dario had several of these on display at the last Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club show (most of his had caps, though): [id=495810927].

Thanks for looking. Inquiries and comments welcome.