The "Erie Hook" find

By Bill Meier; posted April 16, 2017

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Jeff Katchko has been researching, hiking and digging along the Erie RR in PA for decades. On one section of line, near the top of a hill, he had found shards of glass, but figured they were parts of Lefferts Hooks which were used on the line. While digging in the leaves, he finds another piece of glass and pulls it out. Look at that! It's the "glass donut" attached to a Goodyear Ramshorn! Mystery solved! What an amazing discovery! He said four complete units were found. In all cases the glass was in place and glued, perhaps with mucilage, to the Ramshorn. The piece has been nicknamed "Eric Hook". Photo courtesy Crown Jewels of the wire. Used with permission. See the [id=496924569; next photograph] for a detailed view.