Bottle Collector's insulator collection, #6 in 2017

By Colin Jung; posted April 15, 2017

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Almost didn't go to this estate sale because it was the second day of the sale and the distance in traffic. There were no photos and just 40-60 insulators, all indications of a potential bust. Well, decided to instead practice what I preach to other collectors and put up the numbers you need to find stuff and here is what I came up with in this collection: (L to R) U-651 Westinghouse (Emeryville plant)(SOLD); CD 257 in aqua; CD 196 No Embossing(TRADED); CD 252 Knowles cable in yellow green; U-110 no name Pittsburg; CD 121 AM. TEL & TEL Co. in purple; CD 124 with two patent dates; CD 423 AGM in orange amber; CD 102 BTC Montreal in purple (SOLD); CD 102 SF in yellow green (SOLD); CD 102 Diamond in olive green; CD 112 B in aqua with amber swirls.