Baby Signals on the SNRR---A Closer View

By Dustin Logan; posted April 11, 2017

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Here is a more detailed scan of the CD 160's, on the Sacramento Northern, in Concord, CA. The Baby Signals on the bottom arm seem to have a decent variety of color. Can anyone spot the purple Cal on the J-pin? Supposedly, these lower arms were once painted red

Again, I would like to thank Bart Magoffin, for his description of these poles, and the layout of the top arm. Note the hint of yellow paint, denoting "High Voltage". The two porcelain insulators on the left, are Ohio Brass feeder-cable types---possibly U-503's or similar. These carried the cables that powered the train overhead catenary. On the right, are the insulators that held the power for the signal system. The aqua one is likely a Brookfield CD 162, while the clear one is a later, unknown replacement.

To see the entire image from 1973 [id=496502490]