Baby Signals on the Sacramento Northern 1973

By Dustin Logan; posted April 11, 2017

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Here is a shot from 1973, of some CD 160's still in service. The recent discussion about Baby Signals in service, and about the Sacramento Northern Railway, prompted me to search though some of my early images. Thanks to Bart Magoffin's detailed description, I immediately thought of this slide.

Back in April of '73, a buddy and I hopped a bus to the East Bay, to photograph the unopened BART stations along the Concord Line (for a highschool project). Upon reaching the Concord terminal, we noticed these old tracks running right in front of the station. As kids, we knew nothing of the Sacramento Northern or its history. The rails seemed like just another of the many semi-abandoned spurs, that were quite common around the Bay Area, back then.

Nevertheless, I had to get a couple pics of the poles. Though film was at a premium (we had but one 20-exposure roll) I still managed to get a couple insulator shots, by artistically sneaking them into scene. This this the better of the two, that show the old SNRR tracks.

For a closer view (more detailed scan) [id=496503449]