CD 145 B in Green W/Amber streaks !! but showing 6500k bulb flaw

By Wesley Lirette; posted March 25, 2017

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here is some proof to what icon was answering about the difference between 6500K and 5000K bulbs. I found this nice amber striped/swirled B today in my stash, wanting to really show how nice the streaks are I took a picture with my 6500K bulbs. Now a lot of you know that I am color blind, but even I can see the picture makes this look Blue, where it is clearly Green or Emerald green in actual color. not sure if it is my camera or settings, but I tried to take a picture in the window with sunlight, and also with my other light box, (regular Flo bulbs) and it still looks more blue than it actually is. to take a picture on a table with no light, is hard because the glass is almost too dark to get the true color. one that has to be seen in person to understand how the wrong light can really misrepresent the true color. i'll post a follow up when I get the 5000K bulbs and show the difference it makes.