What is it??

By Doug Marshall; posted March 20, 2017

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Took a chance on this being a LRI, but turned out to be a wall tube. Thought the size wasn't an issue because it is similar to this slant/comma tab LRI. Picture in listing looked like it was a darker shade of SCA on bottom so I though it could be a foreign LRI similar to a recent one I purchased from Spain. That one had a wide iron bracket that could have held it securely since the insulator is beveled or tapered about 1/8 inch along the length of the shaft from top to bottom, which would have held it securely in bracket. After closer inspection upon receiving, it appears to be too light of SCA on the bottom, which means it was not exposed to sun. Also residue inside is white in color and not indicative of a metal ground rod, but more like the coating on an electrical wire. General consensus on ICON discussion group was also pointing to wall tube. Still a neat piece though.