102 diamond mustard painting Final Answer

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted March 18, 2017

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Not perfection, but few things are. In art I've found, I can decide to keep going, and potentially ruin, or be content as things are. I decided to stop here, as nothing else I was doing was "adding to the painting". It was saying what I wanted it to. Realised art is about interpretation and impression, not perfection. If I had just wanted a big 102, I could have just blown up a photo. This gives me the impression I was going for, at least 85% anyway. Would like to shout out a thanks to fellow artist Roger Poole for his words of wisdom before I'd ever started any of this. ICON for the idea in the first place, and of course, Bill and Jill Meier for permision to copy exellent photo from thier catalogue of a past auction. Still figuring out painting techniques, so far I've been starting with mid tones, then working out to each end of spectrum. Only other tip I have is using a bridge, ( an arm rest over the painting ) that steadies my hand and keeps me from smudging the lower parts of the painting. I'm more a sketcher than a smooth fluid line artist like a sign painter, or Northwest Coast artist. I also learned that as much as posible should be done at once, because of the color mixing and consistency of them. Looks pretty good to me, sized to scale on my phone. Next on personal agenda, now that I feel I can satifactorily tackle it, is a CD 119 reverse, w/ my birthday on it -No, not the 1885 part...