So Cal Edison / Porterville, CA Lineman Collection (#3 in 2017) Finds Pic 1

By Colin Jung; posted March 17, 2017

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No, I didn't drive to Porterville (4 and 1/2 hours one way), but I did make some purchases from a Southern California Edison lineman's collection that was picked in Los Angeles, but mainly around Porterville, CA. As the collection was really not for sale, I had to use my charm to purchase what you see. Apparently, I was not charming enough and had to leave behind 75% of what I was interested in purchasing. Strangely enough, the seller knew members of the Merzoian Family and Davenport Family, but didn't know some of them collected insulators!!

What you are seeing in the photo from bottom to top, left to right are:

an unembossed sage green CD 164 (CALIFORNIA product)(SOLD); a light plum C.G.I.Co. CD 102(SOLD); a light purple California keg CD 112(SOLD); a dark aqua Patented/ Oct. 8, 1907 with two oddly shaped white rocks (SOLD);

an unembossed aqua Pennycuick CD 170(SOLD); a light aqua B beehive CD 145 with a long, white tapeworm draped over the dome and down the threads;

a white, unembossed, flat-top porcelain signal; a no name Locke porcelain transposition U-192 (SOLD); another white porcelain signal with cobalt glaze specks on the dome(SOLD); probably the most interesting looking piece out of my purchases is this porcelain pogo style insulator with crown and skirt hardware designed to accommodate a decent diameter conductor (SOLD);

olive green, porcelain signal with an incused ILLINOIS marking(SOLD); cobalt blue Ohio Brass porcelain cabletop(SOLD); baby blue with cobalt blue streaks Ohio Brass porcelain signal(SOLD); pumpkin glazed, unmarked porcelain signal; and

a cobalt blue, porcelain Thomas signal(SOLD). Nothing here for my collection, so you can cut one loose for yourself sooner rather than later if you have a good Cal trader to offer. Next pic [id=494368181]