Hot Line Telephone Connection (2)

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted February 20, 2017

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Here we see a section of metallic subscriber loop crossing that was apparently was low enough that a passing tall vehicle yanked and snapped it; subsequently flinging the wire upwards and across this 13,800 volt line. It amazes me that this episode did not cause any visible electrical damage. There is a grounded "messenger" cable supporting this spacer-cable line and the forementioned phone line looks like it perhaps was draped over it.

At any rate, this phone wire was up there grazing at least one of the three phases! A modest gust of wind certainly would make pure contact. Even if there is no physical contact, induced voltage upon this wire easily could be deadly. Furthermore, connections within the pole's terminal box would be hot and perhaps flowing into nearby houses. As well as within the paired cable itself downwind...enough to cause injury to any poor soul making contact, particularly to a service person not knowing what was going on above...

My report to the electric utility was promptly made!