1st attempt: 102 cobalt

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted February 19, 2017

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Somewhere around Christmas, there was a post in the digest about a painting of a rare insulator. I think it may have been a 155.6, anyways, I lost the post, there was great info in it, a link to artists site... If anyone could find it and fwd, I'd be very thankfull. So, at the time, I thought "what a great idea!", it's gonna be a long winter.... It didn't take me long to figure out that in this hobby there are a great many "Holy Grails", pieces that very few collectors will ever have the oportunity to even see in person, nevermind owning. So, anyways, my first attempt at a Cobalt Blue 102. I have never seen one offered for sale, and most certainly couldn't afford one anyways. I was taken back a little by the initial investment to attempt this endevor, but purchased a bunch of equipment. I did a little research. This one came out probably 80% as good as I hoped for. It started as a copy of an actual piece, but ended up as a fantasy when I started painting what I thought I should see. I learned a great deal from it. Techniques, tricks, color mixing. Do you see crimson in this painting? Me either, but I can assure you there is a lot of it in there! My assumptions about color have been twisted. I would like to attempt a mustard 102, but so far have not been able to mix even one of the necessary colors in the past two weeks. Think I'll try another cobalt first, and see if I can get to the 90% territory. The best advice I found was: 'when painting glass, don't paint the glass, paint what you see." It was to late for this one, ( that's why I called this one 'done')hoping it works out for the next. Willing to attempt other pieces in between, not ready for: mustard yellow, numerouse bubbles, amber swirls, carnival.