CD 160 Brookfield Color Reference by EIN

By Andrew Gibson; posted February 19, 2017

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These are EIN [010], BROOKFIELD // NEW YORK with a dome number. These are "transition" pieces, with bold skirt embossing and usually a fairly week dome number. The left piece is a "4", and the right two pieces are "3". Around the time Brookfield moved to Old Bridge, NJ in 1906, they appear to have reworked all their molds, resulting in a very weak embossing. It is difficult to figure out if that was done prior to the move, at the time of the move, or just after the move.

The price guide lists aqua, light aqua, light green aqua, light green, green, lime green, and yellow green. Some of these colors (most?) probably refer to Brooklyn colors, not Old Bridge colors.

Shown are an ambered-up green, a green-aqua, and a darker blue-aqua.