Looking for Character

By Sean Green; posted February 14, 2017

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I am looking to trade one (or all) of the above pieces for your wild junk-in-glass/character piece(s). Especially interested in large bubbles, heavy or defined swirling, UFO's, metal objects, two-tones, etc. Also interested in colored LRI's. Willing to trade just one, or up to all 4, I will even put cash on top for the right piece.

1: CD 113 Hemingray No 12 in a true lilac. Tough color, and lighter than the picture shows. Base/skirt chip about 3/4" below and behind the 'No 12', takes out 2 drips and chips 2 others. Another small base chip a little smaller than a pinky nail to the right of the embossing on the mold seem. Two drips are effected there. Displays just about perfect from the Patent side.

2: CD 162 whiskey amber 2-tone H. G. CO. signal. There are 2 drips removed in front, one is below 'MAY' and the other is below '1893'. I count 5 other drip points damaged. Base bruise about 1" wide. Some roughness and nibbles along the entire inside edge of the inner skirt. Very small, shallow upper wire ridge flake in the back. Small skirt chip in the back. Sounds bad, but displays well.

3: Blue CD 199 Prism transposition. Large umbrella chip in the back, about 3" in length, but relatively shallow. Several other tiny shallow umbrella flakes and on tiny flake on the base. The mark above the Prism is a "lehr kiss". Displays VNM from the front!

4: CD 731 dark orange amber. The glass is full of small particles, giving it a somewhat opaque appearance when underlit or help up to the sun. Heavy base damage, mainly on just one side. Large 1" chip on the lower wire ridge, also on the heavily damaged side. One finger nail base chip on the side that displays the best. Also some surface scuffing in places. Displays decent and passes light through the skirt when backlit

I have done my best to describe the pieces and their damage accurately. Please email me for damage pictures or any other picture requests. Thanks!