Super Rare Russion CD 547 #4

By David Baron; posted February 4, 2017

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This final photo shows the 'back' of the piece, with *two* double-headed eagle embossings. There does not seem to be any record of any Russian piece coming with two double-eagles. The photo does not do the piece justice, as I would really would have had to do a 'panorama' shot to get both eagles in full image. Still though, you can make out both embossings, one on each side.

Also, I am amazed and delighted by how small the piece it - far smaller than the 'usual' Russian 565.1s we all see in various shades of cobalt - those usually top out at 3 3/8", whereas this little baby is only 3" flat. It is a really sweet piece and I thank Aleksandr for finding and posting (and then shipping promptly and perfectly) this once in a blue-moon piece.