Super Rare Russion CD 547 #2

By David Baron; posted February 4, 2017

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Here is a photo of the 'front' of the piece, with several words: Ю.С.Нечаева- Мальцова on it. These translate to Yu.S.Nechaeva- Maltsova, and that in turn expands out to Yury Stepanovich Nechaeva Maltsova. He was a member (from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s) of the Malsov dynasty which created and operated a very large factory, including their own private railway (and telegraph system)! The Maltsova name was wiped out after 1916 in the revolution. This embossing does not appear on any other 547s that I know of, or any other Russian piece for that matter.

This photo also shows of an amazing carbon 'tiarra' that seems to wrap itself around the top of the pin hole.