Super Rare Russion CD 547

By David Baron; posted February 4, 2017

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Today I received one of my most anticipated pieces in quite some time. It came all the way from Russia, by way of one of the more well known Eastern European glass hunters - Aleksandr Chabatkou of Belarus. It is what I like to call the 'little sister' to another amazing piece, the 579.5 - the CD 547 in beautiful emerald green. What makes this piece simply amazing is that not only is it in exceptional condition (being made in the late 1880's in pre-revolutionary Russia), but it has *two* double-headed eagle embossings on the 'back', and a full-length, two worded embossing on the 'front' - Ю.С.Нечаева- Мальцова. Please see other photos for better shots of all the embossings. Also there are a couple of photos that Aleksandr posted in this forum.

This photo shows the size comparison between the two siblings, as well as the color difference. Though the photo does not show it well, the big guy is a brilliant 7-up green. Deeper and more saturated than a 'depression' green, almost dead-on equal to the typical 7-up green Hemi 214s that we all know. The little gal has less yellow in it, thus the 'emerald' green designation. In person, the piece might be called "light emerald" green, as it passes light very easily and abundantly.