Whitney Electrical Instruments From a Grass Valley Power House

By Dale Huber; posted February 2, 2017

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These two old electrical meters are in Grass Valley, California. They look the same, one is for amps, the other volts. One of my friends has these two meters. The story goes, there was an invite only estate sale. This guy bought all of the meters. He left the slate slab they were in, it was too heavy. Somebody bought the slate slab and bought back the meters except these two. He liked these and kept them. They can be traced to a power house at a famous Grass Valley gold mine. This guy doesn't want to sell the meters because they should end up with the rest of the control panel. He knows who owns the slate slab.

It would be something to get all of the parts together and see what a, probably 1890's? power plant control board looked like.

Dale Huber