CD 121 C.D.&P. TEL. Co. [010] Different embossing question

By Wesley Lirette; posted January 31, 2017

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I have some CD 121 CD&P TEL CO's the 2 in this picture both have dome markings, the one on the left has a Capital D on the dome, and the one on the right has a backwards 1 so going by the 2 options, these are both [010]'s

now here is the question the one on the Left is exactly by the description in the book C.D.& P. TEL CO (capital O at the end and only 3 periods in total)

the one i have on the Right, with the embossing C.D.& P. TEL.Co. (small o at the end and 5 periods in total) isn't listed in the book.

the [020] has this exact layout but doesn't list as a dome embossed, so i can't say it is that.

so either it is a different version of the [010] with a different font or it is a different [020] that has a dome embossing added

i know these are only low value ones, but can anyone tell me if this is an unlisted error or different [#]

with so many differences having their own [#] with just the slighest of changes, i am just wondering if i have a rare find here (not to be a great increase in value) just to add to the price book as a new variant.

Thanks for any help