Irradiated CD 102 pony

By Kevin Vollmer; posted January 31, 2017

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OK, so i'm sure a few of you have seen my recent posts regarding whether or not this is an irradiated piece. I feel an apology is in order for not doing everything in my power to figure this out before asking. Turns out that in the descrption (farther down the page than I was willing to look) it is clearly stated that IT IS AN IRRADIATED INSULATOR. I'm sure some of you are chuckling at a young man's mistake. Sometimes you have to learn the hardway. However it reaffirms my intuition that it was irradiated, which means more to me than anything. Even still, quite a beautiful color. For informational purposes this is a DIAMOND insulator, EIN [040]. Not sure what color it was before, but i'm thinking about reversing it either by the Sun, or by baking. If I choose to do either there will be a report. I would like to stress that the seller openly reported it as irradiated, I was simply to negligent to pay attention