Canadian CD 143 Collection...Picture 25 REAR DAMAGE

By Peter Persoff; posted January 12, 2017

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This is a photo of the damaged rear side of the piece posted in the For Sale album

This piece is a CANADIAN PACIFIC RY CO WITHYCOMBE in GREEN EIN [120]. Vertical ridges above and below the wire groove. Unfortunately, despite it's great color and the fact that it shows pretty nicely from one side, this piece has had a hard life and is being sold as a "place holder". Several rear fractures and a glued piece as well as some missing glass is hidden in this photograph.

This color in the Guide goes for $250-300. I'll take $35 for it as a "specimin" A nice one good for a repair!! A rear photo will be found in the "General" section The front is available in the For Sale section [id=488821985]