By Paul Ziemer; posted January 10, 2017

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The snow continues to fall here in eastern Washington with another four to six inches picked up today and another two to four inches expected tonight. After that, the mercury is supposed to plunge to the single digits and stay there for the foreseeable future. With that said I noticed this morning that the insulators on the poles here in the yard are covered in a covering of white. Perhaps this is their way of sheltering themselves from the extreme cold that is coming. Anyway, I liked the look and wanted to share it with you. This particular pole contains three snow covered Pyrex CD 331s, in Light Yellow two Hemingray CD 303/310 Muncie Types, one in Hemi Blue and one in Aqua. Two CD 286 Locke flattops, one in Green and one in Aqua and two CD 319 F. M. Locke, Ballerinas' again, one in Green and the other in Aqua. The 331s came from Washington as did the CD 286s. The 319s came from Oregon and the CD 310/311s came from Montana.