H.G.Co.'s CD 133 colors other than aqua

By Ed Carney; posted January 5, 2017

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Would like to add a few colors other than basic aqua in a couple of the CD 133 H.G. Co.'s.

EIN010 (FS = H.G. Co. and RS = No 7/Standard, smooth base): Would be interested in light blue, ice aqua, light green, steel blue, powder blue, green, or clear.......... Looking for VNM or better, but will consider what you have for sale.

EIN070 (FS = H.G. Co./Patent May 2 1893 and RS = Standard, sharp drips): Would be interested in ice aqua, Hemingray blue, light green, ice green, or light yellow green........ Looking for VNM or better but, again, will consider what you have for sale. Pricier colors than these for the EIN070 might be possible, but will depend on price vs. condition.

Anyone got either of these H.G. Co. CD 133 EIN's in some color in their sales stock........ let's talk about it.