Small Pottery Insulator Greenish/Brown Glaze sold on eBay Reglazed?

By Colin Jung; posted January 5, 2017

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eBay item number:272500464108 sold on January 3, 2017 for $2,727.00. eBay seller was lionsgateantiquesetc. I think this is a unique style of threadless pottery similar to U-970 but shorter by 1/2 inch. The glaze is out of this world and certainly not in the realm of known threadless pottery insulators. If you look at the bottom of the piece you will notice the glaze is a different color - a fuggly grey which fits into my parameters of what a threadless glaze SHOULD look like. Was this insulator reglazed to something more attractive? Is it still worth $2,727.00 if it is a unique threadless pottery insulator that has been altered? Has anyone ever successfully restored a reglazed insulator to its original glaze? An inquiring mind would like to know.