CD 133 H.G. Co. and Hemingray embossed

By Ed Carney; posted January 3, 2017

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Still hoping to find examples of the following in VNM+.

H.G. Co. embossed:

EIN007 FS = H.G. Co., RS = N 7 (no "o" in "No") EIN030 FS = H.G. Co., RS = STANDARD

Hemingray embossed:

EIN010 FS = Hemingray, RS = Patent/May 2 1893 EIN015 FS = Hemingray/No 20, RS = Patent May 2 1893 (with round drips) EIN030 FS = Hemingray/Patent May 2 1893, RS = Standard

Pretty much looking at "aqua" for all of these, as that's what the PG lists. If you have any of these for sale in VNM+, please give me a post. Thanks.