CD 130.1 Cal Electric or CD 130.2 Seilers in service Victoria BC

By Russell Paton; posted December 31, 2016

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Interesting photograph from 1890. Pictured is the intersection of Douglas and Yates Streets (looking North on Douglas) in Victoria BC. On the left is a squared off pole with a couple of porcelain knobs and what appears to be a CD 130.1 or CD 130.2 mounted on a side block. I am not sure who owned this utility pole, but probably the Victoria and Esquimalt Tel Co. They imported large numbers of of CEW insulators in the early 1880s. This picture would predate the major build-outs in the early 1890s that used CD 102 ponies. California products were also used on earlier Victoria telegraph lines connected to the Collins line, post 1865.