112 vs. 114 - Exhibit A

By Brent Burger; posted December 30, 2016

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This photo shows the wide range of sizes and profiles of the CD 112m bookended with CD 114 Hemingray No.11's of two different profiles and two of the CD 114 Californias we find listed in reference books as CD 112's.

The CD 112's can have vastly different heights, widths, and proportions, from tall and skinny to short and bulbous. Some have large, round domes, others flattened, short domes. Skirts can be straight or quite flared, yet all are 112's by virtue of the raised lip below the lower wire groove and spherical done.

I see considerable profile variation between the Hemingray No.11's. Some are tall and tapered, others are quite squat and squarish. Even so, I see much less variation in over all profile between these and the California 114 than what is seen within the 112 group.