CD 114 vs. 112 2 of 2

By Brent Burger; posted December 29, 2016

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This photo shows two profile variants of the CD 114 Hemingray No.11, two of the California kegs I would argue are also CD 114, and two California kegs that are of the known and accepted profile for the CD 112.

As California made two very different profiles of kegs, and both shapes were given their own CD numbers by N.R. Woodward, it would seem that one would be found in reference books as a CD 112 and the other a CD 114. However, both are confusingly listed as CD 112.

This reference goes all the way back to the days when MiIholland's book was THE hobby reference, but no reason has ever been found for why the straight sided California is listed as a CD 114, even though it clearly shares the shape of the CD 114 more than it does the CD 112, with its lower wire ridge lip and narrowed skirt.

In the interest of less confusion within the hobby for such a reference, I would like to see the straight-sided California keg listed alongside the straight-sided Hemingray keg (afterall, the Hemingray No.11 is not listed as a CD 113 like the other Hemingray keg), and have the straight-sided keg listing removed from the CD 112 listing, leaving just the true CD 112 profile California there for easy reference. Link to previous photo: [ID=487641212]