Very Colorful Porcelain Signs

By Jim Harlow; posted December 28, 2016

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I am very interested in any info that anyone can add to this story. This is what I know,

Top: the most common, orange background with blue border, yellow lighting bolts and lettering. Sign is marked on back Veribrite Signs-chicago-New York-Dallas. This sign is lighter then the two others.

Bottom Left: only seen two, red background, dK. green border, white lightning bolts and lettering. Unmarked and heavier.

Bottom Right: this is the only one I have seen, red background, light green border, yellow lightning bolts, white lettering."four colors" unmarked and heavier

The gentleman that I acquired the four color sign on the bottom right told me he pulled it off a bldg. on an electric RR that ran from Detroit to Chicago, the bldg was in Rives Junction MI. I was also told that the Jackson MI. State Prison had a sign shop and this sign could have come from there. Based on weight I would guess that the two bottom signs are older then the top one.

There is also a very minor font difference between the top sign and the two bottom signs. The two bottom signs match and are different then the top sign.

Does anyone have anything to add even if only thoughts? Are there any other color variations?