Year 2016 Collection Additions Part A

By Colin Jung; posted December 23, 2016

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Here are some of my 2016 collection additions. I have posted four photos labeled A through D. I would like to thank the following dealers/sellers, in no particular order, for these great additions: Jeffrey Lyons, Keith Brooking, Andy Wadysz, Paul Greaves, Tim Wood, the Janet Bond Estate, Chuck Irwin, Ray Klingensmith, Roger Ziesak, Brent Burger, Brian Riecker, Dan Ling and a dealer whose name I have forgotten for the heat-altered Cal. 3 came from the Rohde Tailgater, 3 from the Muncie National, 3 from the Burgers' Spokanistan Show, 3 from Pole Top Discoveries Auctions, 1 from the ICON Sales List, 1 from Springfield, 1 from an antique faire contact and 2 from a purchased collection.