Last fruitful hunting - A new Italian discovery.

By Lorenzo Cecconi; posted December 15, 2016

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This is the loot of last hunting with my friends Guido and Angelo: MIVA AT1-CA (the biggest), some very old porcelains of the late 1800s as 2-1869, a pear with the groove ring, a little "Guidarello", a 3-1907, a strange double groove, Folembray N#194 and Folembray N#195.

Folembray N195 was already known among Italian collectors but eventually two specimens have been found in Italy and this is a big discovery!

We can affirm that Folembrays has produced 1907 models (N#194, N#195, N#196, N#200) for Italian market in fact all of them have been found in Italy.