Hunts and Fails S01 EO4

By James Mulvey; posted December 15, 2016

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Before I bought the box lot, I did my homework. Postage estimated at about $140. If I am consulted on how it gets packed, I pick up the expense of materials and sometimes a bit for their time. Add $20. On such high postage it is only fair I also pick up the 10% fee applied to shipping costs. add another $ 15. All inclusive cost for shipping should have been in the $175 range. But before I had a chance to mention this to the seller I received this invoice for almost 2.5 times the actual price.

update; it is now many months later that we continue on.......

Yes, failure can always be improved upon. That's my motto. This deal failed because he wanted excessive postage. Soon after posting this failure, I received word from an Icon member that an Australian collector who had a dozen big purple bells for sale came along. A price was agreed and postage of $116 was paid, plus a few extra dollars for the effort. Package was posted and never seen or heard of again. Seamail from Australia does not provide any tracking information. I did not know this, but I do now. It was something that had never come up before as all the Australian deals I have done over the years had been good. Now, two purchases back to back, at the very least, seems really strange.

So, not only did the first deal for a dozen insulators go south because of postage issues, but with continued persistence it got even better. Now I'm out several hundred dollars and still have nothing to show for it.

I had already decided to quit buying overseas. It was getting to not be worth the aggravation. Then this tempting opportunity came along at just the right time and in a weak moment. I know now that I should have stuck with my original decision, but we all have better hindsight than we do vision.

Maybe this is what I enjoy so much about insulators. Every outcome is " like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." F.G.