What is this?

By Brian Riecker; posted December 9, 2016

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Any idea what this thing is?

Not threaded, just a narrow pinhole about 5/16"

Could this be one of the fantasy threadless that surfaced out of Florida a while back. Thinking 15-20 years ago?

Definitely hand formed and blown with a pontil scar on the dome.

I know it's not an insulator, but has anyone seen something like this before? Hi Brian,

Quote from Paul Greaves

I've never figured out who made these and when, but they seem to be made by the same process as the Mexican "fence post" insulators. I think these were made either as a novelty or fun art project, or as an attempt to deceive. A few have shown up on eBay, but not many.

Does yours have a pontil like mark on the dome? That would be left by the gathering rod to hold the piece while working it. It is also possible that this mark might be fire-polished or otherwise worked to remove it.

Where did you get yours? Is there any story of where it came from?

-Paul Greaves