The Pole In Front of My House

By Dustin Logan; posted December 8, 2016

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This is a recreation of the pole, that once sat across the street from my childhood home. I lived on a steep hill, and the wires and camera angle have been set up to reflect that. This is how the pole would have looked, when seen from my front walkway.

This was one of the last poles in my neighborhood, that still had the old, 1930's, service drop. On the top arm, is a large Locke U-579, holding the 4kv high line. The Pyrex 322 (CD-233) is a series streetlight circuit. And, the 4kv neutral is an aqua CD 162. The insulators on the secondary and service-drop arms, are all aqua CD 162's. And the fire-alarm lines below, are aqua CD 134's. Note also the lone phone drop---all of the other homes on my block, had the phone lines coming in from the back.

This pole stood as shown, until I was in the 4th Grade (1964). That was when the city switched to mercury-vapor streetlamps, with individual photo controls. The series-streetlight lines were summarily removed, along with all of their Pyrex (and a few lingering Santa Anas). Then, when I was in the 6th Grade, the pole itself was replaced. After that, all that remained of the original setup, was U-579 cable-top. All of the other insulators were replaced with clear CD 164's, and the open-wire service drops gave way to the new Triplex cables.