12/04/16 Antique Faire Finds: Fulmen, McLaughlin & Hemingray Go-Withs

By Colin Jung; posted December 6, 2016

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Sometimes when you are out hunting, you don't find insulators that you want to acquire. It's great to be able to find interesting go-withs. Left to right: a large French glass battery jar embossed Fulmen Accumulateurs. Never seen a French jar before and Fulmen has been around for over 140 years; middle is a mint condition McLaughlin glass lid for a refrigerator water bottle in cornflower blue glass (SOLD); and on the right is an ice aqua one-quart Hemingray Waterfall water bottle (SOLD). This one was easy to identify as it is marked Hemingray on the bottle bottom and even on the metal cap. This may be commonly found in Indiana, but you hardly find them in California. Enjoy.