Nice green AM INSr CO CD 145 with milky swirls

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 5, 2016

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I'm looking to trade this great-looking AM INSR CO CD 145 that was found earlier this year in an old wire dump along the Michigan Central Railway here in S.W. Ontario. These are known to have come off that line in some quantity, but this remains the first and only decent condition example I've ever turned up.

This example is a [020] EIN one, with an XI on the dome top, and the normal patent dates on the base. In addition to being a nice, true green, it also has some nice looking amber-milk swirls in one side, as partially visible.

This example is in pretty good shape (especially considering the place it was found), with a couple very slightly whitened/calcified "butterfly bruises" - one on the crown and the other on the wire groove below it. It also has one 1/4" inner skirt chip. It also has a bit of a haze over half of it. Despite all this, it displays very well from one side, as shown.

More photos are available upon request. These were taken in natural light to better show the piece's true colour.

I'm looking for any better Canadian singles to add to my collection. Especially of interest are threadless or early threaded insulators, or rare Canadian Porcelain products. Too many interests for me to narrow it down more than that, but if you like this piece, and have something rare or scarce and Canadian that you're not so keen on, send me a photo! Never hurts to check.