CD 145 CREB Chartreuse?

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 29, 2016

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Here is a CD 145 CREB sim. EIN [230] (F-Crown) [Backwards] 14 (Arc)W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST/N.Y. {MLOD} SB in an unlisted chartreuse. According to Lee Brewer's excellent book, this is SN 14b. It's got some damage, though. The inner skirt is almost gone, and there's some nibbling around the start of the threads, but the base and outer skirt are perfect. There is a hard-to-see fisheye bruise to the top of the dome, several scattered pecks, and some wire rub. Sounds worse that it appears. I mean look at that color, plus there's a bean-size bubble next to N.Y. right in front. Inquiries welcome.