By Paul Ziemer; posted November 27, 2016

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Here is an actual photograph of an early telephone line crew who has stopped work for a few moments to allow their picture to be taken. Perhaps requested by the local newspaper who is writing a feature story about the new telephone service that will soon be available to the local businesses and residents who live in this primitive looking town. Looking at the facial expressions of man leaning on the pole to the left and the two other men on the right tells the story of a hard and tumbled life linemen led back then. But if you were to ask them they would not have it any other way. Notice the Bell Tel Co. tool bag hanging off one of the pole steps. Note too, the lineman standing next to the pole on the right still has his belt and hooks on. Looking off in the distance you can see another pole with two cross arms on it. That pole along with the others that have already been installed along with the ones yet waiting to be placed will someday soon be supplying telephone service to this and other nearby towns. Just for a moment, try and envision all the glass and/or porcelain insulators these men must have handled in their day. The linemen pictured here are likely long gone but their legacy lives on through the glass and porcelain insulators they left behind for us. And, it is quite possible that some of those very insulators they installed and attached wire to way back then may today be resting comfortably on one of your shelves or in your lighted display cabinet.