Springfield 2016 - Wing Chambers CD 124.5 auction video

By Steve McCollum; posted November 5, 2016

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The highlight of the auction was the CD 124.5, which sold for $4000. Video here: https://youtu.be/Ski6wgjrdeI

"Wing Chambers" CD 124.5 insulator sells for $4,000 at the 46th annual Mid-Ohio Insulator Show, Springfield, Ohio. This is an extremely rare insulator that was part of the Chambers Lightning Protection System. Unfortunately I stopped recording just as the auctioneer quipped "Sir, we have another half dozen of those," which caused an uproar of laughter. More information can be found here: http://www.nia.org/general/cd_text/cd124_5.htm

This show was founded by Steve and Lois Blair, and has grown to one of the premier such shows, drawing collectors from all over the United States and even from Europe. Curt Boster and Lois are this year's hosts. Curt is picking the next insulator to sell, while Jeff is holding up the one being bid for.

The auctioneer is Steve Green, from Green & Green Auctions.