KCGW insulator expertise available at Springfield

By Arlen Rienstra; posted October 21, 2016

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I will be at the Mid-Ohio Show this year and will provide free advice to all collectors with KCGW insulator questions. I own quite a few KCGW's and have participated in a National combined display of KCGW's and have seen even more.

Do you know the difference between an aqua and dark aqua KCGW color?

Is your KCGW glass color green aqua, dark aqua, aqua, or celery green?

The KCGW color looks a bit wonky. Could it be irradiated or heat altered? How do you tell?

I am thinking of selling my oddball KCGW, what do you think it is worth? What is the best sales venue?

What is light celery green in KCGW glass?

Why is my scarce-to-rare KCGW worth much?