M-3890 New Lexington inner skirt graft repair.

By Mike Spadafora; posted October 17, 2016

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.. I have had this inner skirt "kit" (on the right ) for a number of years down at Paul Greaves place and never got around to attempting to repair it because it looked so challenging to do . The bottom section is basically mint up to near the cement joint but the top was totally missing . This was found in the Mortimer sub station dump near Rochester, N.Y. a long time ago . The top half is from a different but identical skirt in the same glaze colour from the same dump. Both were unused "NOS " skirts that were tossed into the dump 80 years or more ago when use of the M-3890's were abandoned in favour of the gray cross top OB's I got busy with my diamond blade fitted angle grinder today and splattered myself with water and porcelain mud and cut them to match. ...... This skirt will now make a great displaying piece for Jeffery Kramer ... in some ways this is actually now the best NL 3890 inner skirt in existence ...! I will epoxy the two halfs together then bondo and paint in the gaps ... you can see this creation at Springfield when I bring the complete insulator to Jeff