Ian's Raffle Win

By Andrew Gibson; posted October 2, 2016

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I'm FINALLY getting around to updating the status of Ian's "Don't kill me!" picture from the National in Muncie, where he won this "too big to fit my car" display unit for insulators (and we posted a picture to FaceBook with that caption, warning my wife of what we were coming home with). Well, we succeeded in disassembling it, stuffing it in the car with everything else, getting it home, and then reassembling it all. Then, of course, came the fun part -- populating it!

Many thanks to Tim Haraf for donating it to the auction, Gene Hawkins for selling him the winning ticket (and the additional ones), Rick Soller for pulling the winning ticket (and letting Ian help with the other drawings), those who agreed it had to go home even if the welcoming committee wasn't going to be too happy (Tina Rienstra and Lee-Tammy Brewer and others), Ernie Griffin for the help disassembling, Cameron Case for the help packing it all up, Mike Doyle for the loan of the hand truck, and probably more I'm forgetting. Many thanks to Rick Soller and Bob Stahr and everyone else who helped make it an enjoyable and memorable show! P.S. Thanks to Dario Dimare for the star beehive at the upper left. That's the "place of honor" as that's the one he sees best from his bed!