SN8 Olean CREB in sunlight

By Lee Brewer; posted September 13, 2016

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Here is an SN8 Olean CREB. The technical designation is SN8a.1. It has amber diffused through it so unlike the others, it has a slight green aqua coloring to it while the others are all a light blue aqua.

Back in '98 I personally found thirteen of these with four being specimens. Over the years, four different collectors I have talked with said they had pulled two each from the same area years ago.

One more SN14 was found at a show by a collector. His has the same snow density. It is assumed since the number and snow content matches, it is likely from the same area.

These are known in SN7, 8, 14, and 19/16. A few from that same line were pulled in further locations with not as much snow density. These include an SN13 and a 14.

View original and also zoom in on it to see the snow density in this insulator.

I have seen snowier insulators in the hobby, but these are the snowiest CREB145s I have seen so far.