Custom open-backed cabinet #9

By David Baron; posted August 23, 2016

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OK, final photo. If you are starting here, go back out and start with #1. This shows another side view whereby you can see the insulators even from a large angle.

Though the cabinet is mostly full, there is still room for over a dozen additional pieces, most of which will sit on the wood shelf, and the others squeezing in with some of the lesser-populated shelves above.

The cabinet has 36" wide, by 8" deep shelves, thus roughly 9 insulators across on average. With nine shelves including the base, that is 81 insulators. It is truly lovely to stare at every day. Even my wife has gotten into it, recently re-positioning several pieces and making positive comments about certain pieces.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know. Or, if anyone would really like to have something like this made for them - with maybe a different 'insulator profile arch' on the sides, let me know that too. I'm out here near Denver and will be helping to co-host next year's National.

Thanks for looking!