Trading Extravaganza II: Unlisted Pyrex 6" diameter glass suspension Pic 1 SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted August 11, 2016

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A couple of these were found at the Sacramento Bottle Expo. This is an unlisted clear glass Pyrex suspension insulator that is 6-inches in diameter with three skirts. Unfortunately the hardware was removed. The insulator is lightly embossed on the inside of the outer skirt in a manner that the mirror image of the embossing is readable from outside of the outer skirt. It reads: "PYREX T.M. REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. MADE IN U.S.A." There is also a harelip of the outer skirt. (Sold at 2018 Chico Show)

Looking for a California insulator or Postal beehive (California product) that I need for my collection. See my want list at: [id=451835777] .

Cash to even up all trades. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before it is considered complete. If a trade cannot be completed, the insulator will be offered for sale to other collectors with priority given to past trading partners. Sales prices will be higher than my trading prices.