Dripped Signal Styles

By Lee Southern; posted August 2, 2016

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Note: Picture and text below was taken from the old www.CD 162.com website (credit to Al & Ginny Way).

Eight styles were made using three rear and eight front embossing. The ninth style being the only round drip point signal produced.

The way we remember them all is to start with the rear embossing. Three were used in the seventy plus years of production.

The first was "PETTICOAT". This was made with four different front embossing. All four refer to being patented. The first was "H.G.CO. / PATENT MAY 2 1893". For the second replace "H.G.CO." with "HEMINGRAY". For the third remove "PATENT". The forth removes the date completely and replaces it with "PATENTED".

The second rear embossing was added around 1910, right around the time that the seventeen year patent ended. There were three front embossing used with "No 19": "HEMINGRAY", "NO NAME" and "HEMINGRAY/MADE IN U.S.A.".

The third and last rear embossing was "MADE IN U.S.A.". This was manufactured with one front embossing "HEMINGRAY-19" but was made with both sharp and round drip points.