California Color Guidance: Unlisted yellow blue 2-tone signal CD 161

By Colin Jung; posted August 1, 2016

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I keep a secret want list of California glass that I suspect exists but I cannot prove it because there have been no reports, guide listings or photos available to me. I suspected there may be yellow/blue 2-tone Cals on the slim chance that not all of them were naturally solarized to the "more common" purple/blue 2-tone Cal. There has been a faint trail of tantalizing clues spread around. First clue was a purchase of a citrine CGI pony with faint blue dome swirls at the 2004 National. Second clue was a yellow Cal baby signal that Brent Burger showed me at the 2008 Portland National. The yellow baby signal also had a faint blue swirl in the dome. Last clue was a Ray K. auction that depicted a yellow California helmet CD 260 with a blue wisp through the dome. This might have been a helmet from the Pat Patocka collection.

I was invited to acquire the Cal CD 161 right before the Muncie National. It came out of a general collection in Iowa. Who seez the Midwest doesn't have good Cals?