Aug CJ article on Bodie, Calif ...

By Jack Snyder; posted July 26, 2016

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This is a [7x9] factory photo of a brand new 1860? Baldwin Locomotive Works engine. Baldwin posed these locomotives on the factory grounds prior to delivery.

da burgermister sez ... The Carson & Colorado was not a Colorado RR but ran south from Carson City, Nevada to the Owens Valley in California. It was 3ft. NG and remained so until abandonment and standard gauging in 1959.

I bought this photo 2 weeks ago because I thought it was scarce. The RRs named the locomotives in that era. They didn't number them. The 2 on the boilerplate is probably the 2nd one of these they built. This one is named BODIE under the engineers window. It could be the engineers name or a locomotive running out of Bodie, California. ...

Little did I know CJ was going to run a Bodie, Calif insulator article. Perhaps it's not related at all ?