A Couple of extremely rare Bostons--Pic 2

By Dwayne Anthony; posted July 24, 2016

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I will be bringing a few scarce to rare insulators from a high end collection to Muncie, but all will be rough, damaged or repaired. Due to space and weight concerns, these two may not make it in the carry-on bag, unless someone is specifically interested in one or both. If you are, please let me know ASAP. (These are consignments and I prefer not to ship at this time.)

The CD 145.5 is priced at $525. It is completely fractured throughout. The even rarer CD 143.6 has a large resin skirt repair and is $1,000. When do you see either of these for sale in any condition? A great opportunity for the Boston or CD collector to fill an empty slot or two. See opposite sides [ID=473990116]