early 1908 OB railway spool with new marking on far right...

By Mike Spadafora; posted July 24, 2016

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Left to right : 1-New Lexington marked copy of the Fred Locke patent spool (made around 1905) 2- Early Fred Locke spool from 1902 with marking 6-1 (an exact replica of his 1902 patent drawing ) 3- No name New Lexington spool from about 1907 4- "Lapp Patent" two part sulfur cemented spool from around 1907 marked Victor 5-Akron Hp (1907-08 Railway dead end spool 6- Victor marked spool (1907 from the Spokane inland empire interurban) 7- OB 1908 6.6kV electric railway spool with newly reported OB marking